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Mission Statement



The mission of Good Neighbors Theatre, Inc. is to provide quality artistic experiences for Pickett County and the surrounding area by sponsoring professional and amateur theater productions and concerts, by encouraging members of these communities to express their creative abilities in all aspects of the arts, and by conducting training opportunities in theatrical arts and music for the area’s youth. 


Good Neighbors Theatre’s purpose is to promote the arts and enrich our rural area with an outlet for artistic expression and to develop creative talent of our residents, which includes children, youth, adults, and retirees who have moved into our area. Since its inception, GNT has been active in promoting the arts in our community through community theater productions, professional theatrical performances, musical presentations, and school programs. GNT continues to expand & seek ways to meet the need for expression & education of the arts in our community & surrounding area with a special focus on conducting annual training opportunities in theatrical arts and music for the area’s youth. Most productions are entirely produced by volunteer participants who act, build sets, collect props, set up technical effects, market, manage attendance, and provide all services required to present a full length theatrical production. Our community theatre productions are aimed at general audiences and family entertainment.


In an effort to live up to our mission statement, the Board of the Good Neighbors Theatre strives to produce and support educational programs in dramatic arts and music for the young people of our community., It not only enhances the development of our young people in all areas of their education, but it increases the number of supporters for our productions and their appreciation for the arts in general.

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